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I am a senior computer engineering student in City Tech. I used to take 2 courses per semester a few years ago. But I decided to study full time and work less, since I am so interested in this major. Computer engineering is the career which I absolutely want to be in. It is becoming my future, my life.
I am interested in computer engineering major because I want to study and understand what makes a computer such powerful machinery that changes our lives today and tomorrow. I strongly believe City Tech is a great stage for me to explore the computer world and it provides me the resources that I need to achieve my goals. My career plan is to become a networking technician, or any job related to computer technology.
When I bought my first desktop in 2000 from J&R, I opened the case immediately to insert a free memory card (256MB) as an additional RAM. I neither had any knowledge about computer hardware component nor how to run a software application. I only had few typing lessons in high school. As I opened the case, I told to myself: “just it! That is how Bill Gates became billionaire?” I thought there should be a magic ball or something else. I strongly believed that I could make a better computer after I go over a couple of books from public library. After I took a few computer courses, my computer knowledge is improved and I learn that every single piece of component is a container of technology knowledge. That is why a computer is powerful. I know that I know nothing since then.

I have been invited to the Honors Convocation for my associate degree and received The George M. Muth Memorial Award this summer. I believe my American dream is coming soon.

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