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Art has always been a sort of safe-haven for me because it allows me to either express myself in ways that words cannot, or to create something which evokes pure aesthetic pleasure from the viewer. Art is an outlet to an almost mystical place where other things don’t seem to matter as much. The only thing that matters there is art. It’s one of the most important and driving aspects of my life and I intend to pursue it fully.
I was originally heavily influenced to pursue art by my junior high school art teacher Mr. Denino. This particular teacher was one of the most influential people in my life when it came to my future in the industry. Although I had loved art, I hadn’t really considered going to an art school because I wasn’t even aware that there were schools for art or what the requirements would for being admitted to such a school.
Without my junior high school art teacher, I probably would not have ever made the leap into an art high school, which is where my true foundation was constructed. As for my career in art, I am not entirely certain which specific career I am going to pursue but I know that I wish to pursue a form of Graphic Art. Whether it be Graphic Design, Advertisement or some type of Animation. I am certain this is the path for me because I am truly fascinated with technology, yet I also have a passion for art. Therefore a combination of the two must prove to be the ideal occupation for myself.​

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