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This project was one of my favorite’s out of all the projects we have done in class this semester. Although I do believe the process was very difficult and tedious. The reason I feel that it tedious was because of the time and technique that was required to complete the assignment. I also feel it was difficult because of how hard it was to find certain textures to mimic onto the paper. Luckily my boyfriend who used to work for NIKE has a ton of sneakers in the house that came in handy even though certain textures were not suitable for the project.

My favorite part of this project was transferring the images and textures onto the other half of the bristol paper that we were required to work on. It was also fascinating to see how the all the different shapes played in together being that they were all placed closed to each other. The painting I would have to say was my least favorite part because of how detailed and careful I had to be given the fact that the different images were small in size. Overall, I was happy with how my final results came out and proud at myself at the same time. Given all of the time and effort I put into it.


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