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This project is an information resource project for LIB1201 class for the Fall of 2012


This project was created by: Kenien Spann

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Works Cited          "Clubs and Organizations." N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Dec. 2012. http: […] See MoreWorks Cited

Process Documentation

The first step in of our research was to seek out if the list of clubs and any information about […] See MoreProcess Documentation


An Information resource is tools that can help people solve a myriad of problems.  It organizes […] See MoreProposal

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Ideas and such

so i think a good hierarchy is clubs as posts categories as pages tags for all clubs (building, days, what they do) ie Salsa Club -- Lifestyle and Culture category, tags are "dance, salsa, latino, klitgord, monday, wednesday, thursday afternoon" See MoreIdeas and such

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