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Hospitality Management
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Hi, I’m Taj
I’m a young man from Harlem trying to step foot into the world of hospitality. I’m interested in the culinary world and want to learn about all the great opportunities it can bring to me. I want to learn about the different types of cuisine and learn about the different roles that play into this career field. Being latino food plays one of the main roles in our culture. Living with 3 women you grow to appreciate the craft of cooking and all the work that goes into it. Food is also what brings our family together on holidays and we can all enjoy each others company while indulging in some good food. My junior year in high school I was able to intern alongside with CIA graduate chef JJ Johnson at The Cecil. My experience at the restaurant was great because it gave me a real-life experience of how the restaurant business is like. Lastly, I believe food has the power to bring people together and can lead us to learn more about each other’s cultures.

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