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Hospitality Management
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Hello Everyone,

My name is Stephanie Aguayo.

I graduated from SUNY Westchester Community College in May 2015, and I transferred to CUNY City Tech in the fall. For as long as I knew I wanted to get an education, and I valued my time at WCC, where I built great relationships with my professors. Here, I look forward to keeping my momentum and gaining insight from the professionals in our department.

After four years at my first job at a supermarket, I decided that I wanted to work at a hotel since my entire family works in the lodging industry. My older brother, who also graduated from City Tech a few years ago, is now the General Manager for two Extended Stay America properties. I have two cousins that work in hotels in Downtown Chicago as well; one works in the Marriott, and the other at a Sheraton hotel. My uncle also owns his own hotel in Quito, Ecuador. Whenever I go on vacation to Ecuador I love helping him out at the hotel.

I’ve been working in hotels since 2014, currently I work for a Choice Hotel company as a social media marketing relations for the property, as well as a front desk agent.

My dream is to become a General Manager/District Manager and operate a hotel or resort. I would love to work at a major tourist destination with vibrant nightlife, be it clubs, casinos, and/or entertainment.

So I guess you can say that hospitality is in my genes. I like to look at it as if I was born to work in this field like the rest of my family. I feel like the conversations I have as a front desk agent come naturally to me since I don’t have an ulterior motive, such as trying to make a sale. I love what I do.

My goal is go up the ladder within the hospitality industry to leave a legacy behind and become a hospitality ambassador.

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