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I found this project to be a little fun and not as complicated as our other projects. The process took a while given the fact that I had to re-do it on a different type of paper. Originally, I did it on Bristol paper instead of drawing paper. I enjoyed utilizing the terms that we learned from our in class journals in each of our drawings. I felt that doing the journals and discussing them in class did give me a better understanding of certain commercial advertisings that I see on an everyday basis. It was fun playing around with my drawings and coming up with these different ideas when using these terms.

The most difficult part for me was the smudging of the spots. I did not enjoy that part as much because it took the most time out of all of the steps to create these drawings. It was also a bit hard to render the same spots that were chosen for the projects. Being that they were random spots that were created with barely any thought. I did enjoy overall creating my 50/50 piece. Being that I enjoyed doing a 50/50 in my texture/figure/ground project, this one was just as fun and slightly easier since we didn’t have to work with ink or permanent markers.


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