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The shelter I chose was more of a personal choice. being Lebanese, I felt like this piece was more than just a shelter, it holds some renaissance culture to it; and I am familiar to it since my country still has some architecture standing from the Italian renaissance, of course this is one of the earliest types of architecture during the renaissance, but the beauty of it is that even with its monotonic figure it has so much to tell. The material seems to be from a type of stone, not concrete. Although this structure is of some primitive sorts we can tell by looking at the newer versions of Greek and Italian renaissance architecture that this was one inspiration. It has a very solid structure. We can tell that this was made to withstand wind and heat (hence the use of stone, it keeps the heat from making the home too hot). There is no elevation so this was not built to avoid flooding. The lack of windows or any other opening but the door shows us that this was made out of simplicity just for a living lifestyle, not luxury. There is some type of vegetation growing on the roof, maybe grape vines which are common in European countries; where the leaves where used to cook or the vines were strung out to weave clothing. There are two ceilings on this project, which is also a way to keep heat out from the sun that probably hits for a long period of time with no shade around.


This project was created by: Rana Saleh