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I was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic where many people dream of coming to the United Stated to achieve their goals. I had the opportunity to immigrate to the this country when I was 18 years old, right after graduating from high school in my native country. Upon arrival in to this country I knew I wanted to pursue my education and six months into my immigration life I was attending Bronx Community College for an Associate degree in human services. When I was about to earn my diploma I got married and returned to my naive country in 1999. Five years later I came back to USA and last semester I decided to go back to school to resume my studies to become a Social Worker. Right now I am an upper sophomore and only have four classes to complete before obtaining my associate degree.

As far as I can remember I have always wanted to enter upon a profession where I will to make a difference, regardless of how small or big in lives of others specially from who are in need. I started this field with the desired to be able to make a difference for people in need, regardless of how small or big the help may be. I understand how hard it sometimes is to get help for people who need it most, even if it becomes a very rewarding experience for us indeed. As a human service professional I have a wide range of specialties to choose from, including, but not limited to, Adult protective services, child protective services, family/home care, substance abuse, homeless, and HIV/AIDS services.

I consider myself to be a very strong, responsible and hard working woman. I am a single parent of two girls and I have supported and raised them own my on for six years now. I excel as a people person and interaction with others is something that I enjoy. I started off as a home health aide and subsequently worked as a nursing assistant. In both jobs I helped people; especially the elderly with Alzheimer’s diseases. The client-worker relationship that I established was very rewarding.
My parents always exerted great influence on me. My mother was a teacher and my father owned an auto shop where he had many people working under his supervision. I always saw them treating others with respect.
Currently I work as a staffing coordinator for a nonprofit organization serving the developmentally disabled. I love this job because of the opportunity to serve a population with special needs.
Eventually I want to specialize on either the developmental disable or the elderly population. I believe probably they are the most vulnerable one of the people with special needs. I feel very passionate about the developmental disabled who generally have intellectual capacity.
The major challenges for human service professionals who care for this population; include assistance with personal care, communication, health, safety, activities of daily living, transportation, personal hygiene, among others.
I have been working with this population for five years and it is a wonderful experience for me so far. I have found out aspirations of these people are just the same as everybody else. We all want to have family to count on, near and dear ones to share feelings with, decide jobs and carriers; to pride ourselves or our accomplishments.
As soon as I obtain my associates degree I will be able to change my position in the company that I work for and become a field supervisor. My goal is to pursue masters in Social Work, soon after earning bachelor degree in human services to be able to help my clients more effectively and efficiently. In the not so distance future or within the time frame of ten years upon graduating from NYCCT, Cuny in the MSD in human services I see myself becoming the director of the human service department for the company I am presently working for or any other non-profit agency serving the disabled.