Political Poster: Guantanamo Bay

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Political Poster: Guantanamo Bay
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Aamer Madhani, USA TODAY, May 1st 2013:

WASHINGTON—President Obama said Tuesday that his administration would re-engage Congress on closing the U.S. military-run detention center at Guantanamo Bay, calling the facility a “recruitment tool for extremists” and suggesting it is undermining U.S. security.

“It needs to be closed,” Obama said at a White House news conference marking the first 100 days of his second term. “I’m going to go back at this.”

Obama’s comments come as military officials say that as many as 100 prisoners at Guantanamo are engaged in a hunger strike.


My political poster shows Guantanamo Bay essentially being put on the back burner by being put into America’s closet, along with a bright orange jumpsuit – the prisoner uniforms used in the facility.

The poster also shows the word: “Iraq W” in much smaller letters and appearing behind Guantanamo. This was done to signify how one of the first things Obama pledged to do was get us out of Iraq during his presidency, which he more or less did, but then sent more troops to Afghanistan, which was not the original plan. The idea was to completely be done with the middle east and instead, moved troops from one foreign country to the next.


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