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Photo Plus Expo
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You will be writing a field trip report based on the exhibitors you see in this show. Images of the show can be uploaded to your web site to show what you have seen. Use the images or video you took from your camera to aid in your report. After your initial introductory paragraph that discusses where the field trip was and what the Expo floor was like, etc. your report should focus on two companies that you learned about at the show whose products you found particularly interesting. You should do research in your library’s databases on the two companies you select finding out additional information in articles in the database and on the company profiles in Lexis Nexus. The field trip report should be at least two pages of writing and must contain imagery both from the show and that related to the specific companies. As part of this report, I’d like you to analyze the promotional materials from at least one of the companies you select–the logo, the business cards, the giveaways, etc.


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