Occlusal Rims Maxillary and Mandibular models

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Occlusal Rims Maxillary and Mandibular models
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The occlusal rims we made in Professor Cuyas class was made with baseplate wax. The occlusal rims purpose is to create the space where the natural teeth once was. First make the record bases, My maxillary record base was made out of shellac material and my mandible out of light cure material. I placed the shellac material on the maxillary, I had to heat up the shellac using use the Bunsen burner and press down, not stretch the material on it to get the anatomical features. For my mandible we had to use light cure. The material was very soft and had to be molded quick because it would harden if left out under the light. We used this special curing machine for 6 minutes. 5 minutes facing up while it was on the model and 1 minute facing down while it was off the model. I had to trim the edges of my light cure material because it was too sharp and couldn’t go into the patients mouth because it would cut them. I then went on to making the occlusal rims. We used a special wax called baseplate, we folded the wax 3 times in half while heating it so it would not crack. I than began stretching it out a bit. After that i placed the baseplate wax on the maximally cast, i had to place it on the residual ridge and make sure it was lined up correctly, i did the same exact steps for my mandibular. After we placed the occlusal rims we had to cut them and melt them down to its set measurements. The maxillary rim has an anterior height of 22mm and a posterior height of 18mm. The anterior width should be 6-8mm and the posterior width should 8-10mm. For the mandible rim, the anterior and posterior height should be 18mm all around. The anterior and posterior width should be the same as the maxillary width.


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