New York Draft Riots

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New York Draft Riots
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In September 1862, President Abraham Lincoln annouced the Emancipation Proclamation. It would free slaves in particular states still in rebellion against the union. According to the New Yorkers the war was being fought on behalf of black peoples freedom. After the Emancipation Procclamation was passed Northerners feared for labor compitition becuase free black people were lleaving the south in route for work.

in 1863, a strict federal draft law was passed. The law states, all male citizens between ages 20-35yrs and all unmarried men between ages 25-45yrs were subject to military duty. Of course black people were exempt becuase they were not considered citizens at the time.

The people of new York took matters into there own hands and started causing mayham. Mobs were going around beating up any black person in sight. 11 black men were lynched over the course of 5 days. They burned down an orphanage which housed about 233 children. The mobs humiliated, tortured and killed mostly black men but did also torment women and children. There main goal was to force the black population out of New York city.


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