Music Synthesis and Sampling

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Music Synthesis and Sampling
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Entertainment Technology
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Spring 2012
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This hands-on course explores the principles of sound and note generation in music technology. Study begins with an investigation of the historical and theoretical backgrounds of synthesis. Students will then learn how to program on a variety of different synthesis and sampler engines using additive, subtractive, AM, FM, wavetable, granular and modeling synthesis techniques. Work will include both software and hardware based systems. The second half of the course covers topics and principles of digital audio sampling as it applies to music technology. Students will engage in a variety of activities including sample creation, editing, looping, reference pitch, file formats, and import/export. Once these building blocks are created, they will be integrated into keymaps, instruments, patches, and banks. During the process, students will explore differences between sampler engines and techniques and identify the pros and cons. The course will conclude with a presentation of student’s work to the class and instructor.


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