MAT 1475 Spring 2020 ZHOU

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MAT 1475 Spring 2020 ZHOU
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Spring 2020
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Topics include functions, limits, differentiation, and tangent lines, L’Hôpital’s Rule, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and Applications.

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Monday, March 30 and Wednesday April 1, I will have office hours during class time (2:00-3:40) […] See MoreAnnouncement

Assignment 13 (3/25)

Textbook Assignment (due April 13 on Blackboard) P350. 17-20 all, 29 See MoreAssignment 13 (3/25)

Log of Class (Wednesday 3/25)

In today's class we covered Chapter 4.1 Related Rates. Please see Homework Assignment 13 for […] See MoreLog of Class (Wednesday 3/25)

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I posted mine but don't see the grade yet professor. Hope you got it Thanks See More

Yes, I will postpone the deadline for WeBWorK assignment. For the file, please go to "course […] See More

This is Samuel I think that you didn't receive my email because may be I used the wrong one please […] See More

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Review sheet

Let me think about it. See MoreReview sheet

Today’s class Note

I just upload the notes. I will figure out how to record the class video and the other WeBWorK problem soon. Sorry for the delay. See MoreToday’s class Note

Webwork(show me how)

Thanks Professor. See MoreWebwork(show me how)

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