Composite and Bio Materials Lab

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Composite and Bio Materials Lab
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Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology
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The objective of the lab is to develop advanced materials and process for high temperature solutions and Bio-Engineering applications. Using the innovative materials the lab focuses on improving the structural integrity of high temperature composites. Alongside, the lab is focused on evaluating interactions between the material combinations in the human body under various abnormal situation including head trauma.

Currently my Lab is equipped with – Mechanical testing including Compression, tensile, Flexure and DMA. Also my lab is equipped with Electro-spinnning, Hot Press, Climate control Furnace, Optical Microscopy, 3D Printers and CNC. In addition, The lab also have capabilities in and external collaboration with SEM, XRD, DSC, TGA and NMR.

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This project was created by: Dr. Akm Rahman

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