La Lampara and La Sagra del Polpo

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La Lampara and La Sagra del Polpo
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Back in the summer I have visited a restaurant called La Lampara located in my home town Mola Di Bari. My experience of going to the restaurant with my family had a great amount of food and were served family style. The service was outstanding and the people that work make you feel as if you were at somebody’s house. The restaurant is somewhat new but ever since they have changed owners it became more popular and the menu turned out better. The first item on the menu was an outstanding dish called insalata di mare, which is called seafood salad and it is made fresh every day, and I witnessed it, because the manager told me that the fisherman bring it to the restaurant every morning. It was a very interesting dish and is not served the same as you eat in the United States.
Another thing I would like to share with the class and the community is La Sagra del Polpo. La Sagra del Polpo is a feast in my town that I go to mostly every year with a group of my friends and we would walk around the feast and enjoy octopus. There were many different ways to cook octopus. One of my favorite ways the people enjoy is grill or braising it. Regardless it always taste good and I would eat it every day.


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