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know your community
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1. What is your community zip code? 11234
2. Does your community have a name? If so, what is it? Old Mill Basin.
3. What is the number of your community board? Briefly state its purpose. Community Board 18.
4. Who is the president of your community Board? Sandra Chapman.
5. Who is the District Manager of your Community Board? Dorothy Turano.
6. Who is your current New York City Council Member, what communities does s/he serve, what council committees does s/he serves on. Alan Maisel is the current NYC council member, District 46; democrat. Alan Maisel is the chair in committee on Standards & Ethics. Council member Maisel serves on committees on community development, education, parks and recreation, State and Federal Legislation, and Veterans.
7. Who is your New York State Assembly Member? Assembly Disrtrict 59, Vacant.
8. Who is your New York State Senator? Senator John L. Sampson.
9. Who are your U.S Senators? Kristen E. Gillibrand & Charles E. Schumer.
10. Who are your U.S congressional Representatives? Hakeem S. Jeffries.
11. What are the basic demographics of your community (total population, gender, age levels, race/ethnicity, income levels, household sizes, and educational levels) Total population: 83,290 with the median age of 39. Median household income is 69,456. In 11234, 12% of resident 18 and over graduated from high school and 31% completed a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is 3% lower than that of New York.
12. What is the health status of your community? Self reported health status from fair health 17.2% – Excellent health 19.0%.
13. What are the crime statistics for your community? The crime index 100 represents the national average. 11234, has 1% less property crime than kings county, and is 9% less personal crime than kings county and when compared of United States.
14. Briefly describe the educational/ cultural resources (ex: schools, libraries, theatres, museums, movie houses, etc.) of your community. The schools that are in old mill basin are Floyd Bennet public school, P.S. 203. Roy H. Mann Junior High School. I.S.78.
15. Briefly describe the recreational resources (parks, sports centers/ facilities, public pools, etc.) of your community. One of the major parks in my community is Marine Park. The park has swings, track, tennis court, basketball court, handball, baseball field,
16. Briefly describe the religious/ spiritual institutions of your community. The churches that is in the community are Pentecostal, Baptist, catholic 7th day Adventist.
17. Briefly describe the financial and business institutions in your community (ex: banks, check- cashing business, supermarkets, small groceries, real estate agencies, brokerages, travel agencies, clothing stores, drug stores, etc.). Old Mill Basin has wide variety of business, such as Chase bank, T.D bank, H.S.B.C bank, NSA supermarket, Keyfood supermarket, Papa Johns restaurant, Subway restaurant, Liberty Mutual, flower shops. Bodegas and etc.
18. Briefly describe the infrastructure of your community (ex: roads, sidewalk and street pavements, street furniture, street and traffic lighting fixtures, tree care, air quality, buildings, etc.). The streets are being re-paved so vehicles can drive more smoothly instead of driving on potholes and crack streets.
19. Based on your research and walkabouts, identify 3 of your community’s strengths or assets: 1) Quiet neighborhoods, No loud music or honking of traffic. 2) Clean streets and sidewalks. 3) Nearby groceries stores, libraries, restaurants and laundry mats.
20. Based on your research and walkabouts, identify and prioritize 3 issues of concerns to you about your community: 1) No block association. 2) No nearby subways to commute. 3) Not too many trees.
21. Human services ethical standards speak about our profession’s concern for individuals, families, communities, and society. Why should human services professionals care about communities and society? Human services professional should care about the communities and society because we are the advocates for the people. We assist in helping people become self-efficient, Employed, keeping communities clean and making sure certain resources are provided so that the community can run smoothly. Such as schools, business, recreational center, religious centers, supermarkets, libraries and etc. Human services professional goal is to guide clients into the right direction.


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