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Mechanical Engineering Technology
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I am nineteen years old. I was born in Mexico and raised in the Bronx with four siblings. I moved to Yonkers three years ago after living in the Bronx for fifteen years. It was a change for me because I was used to living in an urban area and now I live in a suburban neighborhood. Transportation was also a big change during my junior year. I tried out for the soccer team but I didn’t get accepted. I didn’t give up however that same week I tried out for the lacrosse team and got approved. It was a good experience to work in team it made me see the hard work and dedication it takes. When I wasn’t in school I was always working with my dad in a restaurant called Jimbo’s Hamburger palace. My experience working was very difficult at first because I wasn’t used to all the hard work but I learned along the way. Working and playing for me was a good way to relieve stress. Cardinal Hayes helped me in many things but it also helped me look for the right colleges. I applied to New York City College of Technology when I realized they would offer me help on my major. This is my second year at city tech and my first week is going well.

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