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I completed my A.S. Degree at the City University of New York, Kingsborough Community College, with a focus on chemical dependency, and an presently a B.S. graduate of 2015 in human services. I feel that my motivational interviewing, empathy, and reflective listening skills help me to assist others explore possible solutions, or obtain appropriate coping skills. I have also assisted clients with entitlements, advocacy, home-visits, case conference, 90-day re-assessment, psycho-socials, and referrals. Intakes have been conducted with HIV, LGBT, homeless, and mental health populations. I have also provided case management services to monolingual Spanish clients. Upon completion, clients were discharged with services in place to include entitlements, housing, employment, and/or education depending on the needs of the individual. Am presently a Substance Abuse Case Manager at the Center for Community Alternates at 25 Chapel Street.


Jose Gonzalez, BS, CASAC-T

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