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Hospitality Management
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I have received a BA in psychology at Hunter College, and I have returned to CUNY to purse another degree, this time in Hospitality Management. My academic goals are to receive a BA in Hospitality Management and use both of my degrees to further my career in elevated guest service management positions.
I have worked in the fashion retail industry for several years doing visual merchandising, styling, and selling. My studies in psychology and human behavior has helped me establish great guest interactions, and anticipation of their needs, allowing me perform at the best of my capabilities. I currently work at an online office for customer service where I manage employee’s schedules and schedule meetings. I also provide excellent service to customers calling in.
My main career goal is to one day manage a hotel, to establish elevated customer service standards in a hotel chain and ensure that they are being met. I would also like to travel to different hotels and help set up a better service standard than what they already have in action. My long term goal is to one day open up and design a hip and trendy bead and breakfast of my own and see it flourish.
One of my personal strengths is that I am very detailed oriented. I like to observe, view, and analyze a situation before I act upon it. I am a patient listener as well, something that has been celebrated in both my work and academic environment.
My personal interests are music, fashion, and design, which in my opinion, work well with hospitality. I play the flute on occasion. I use styling to create a form of art through fashion to express myself creatively. I am also big on interior design, I create models of houses and/or rooms on my computer. I think having an interest in the arts is very beneficial to the hospitality industry because guests can relate and can be influenced by the design and the atmosphere of a hotel.

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