CDMG1111 – American Airlines new identity

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CDMG1111 - American Airlines new identity
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With an internal change of its services it is not a seldom thing that a company will change its visual aspect too. This is exactly what happened to American Airline logo. Designed by the great graphic designer Massimo Vignelli their initial logo was untouchable since 1968. The new logo substituted outdated stylization. Solid colors of red and blue gave place to to the modern gradients. This shift gave an illusion 3d dementionality and roundness.
The speculators point out that the new logo doesn’t have this sharpness of lines with which the previous logo was associated. Furthemore, now, the abstract image of an eagle is highly resembles the eagle that United States Postal Service uses as their own symbol.
Some people are saying “change is good,” well I would say, its not about American Airlines new identity.

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