ADV 1100 Graphic Design Principles I

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ADV 1100 Graphic Design Principles I
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Communication Design
Course Code
ADV 1100
Semester / Year
Spring 2013
Course Description

This is an introduction to the study of design for visual communication for
advertising, graphic design, game design, web design,photography, illustration.
Visual language does not use words, it uses elements as ideas understood
by seeing, responding, recognizing and interpreting. Design principles govern
the way visual elements are arranged. Color is a core topic of study as well
as an element of design; its behaviors and attributes act as a major influence
on perception and emotion.

This course uses theory and practice to develop working methods and content.
Solving problems as a process begins with research and comparisons of visual
styles, trends, masterworks, and cultural influences. The development of visual
criteria begins with sketching and representing ideas, articulating and presenting
concepts, critical thinking as writing and speaking. Presentation, and methods
of working are developed as skills and an output of several projects in a portfolio,
in hands-on and digital media.


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