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This project was created by: Rosemarie A Oliveto

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Revised work

I have revised my past projects from the spring semester. The work was interesting to look back at and to see my past writing. I am not strong when it comes to writing, so I think every paper was a challenge for me. Overall, I enjoyed […] See MoreRevised work

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Multimodal Project Revised

You never know why someone is homeless, have some empathy. See MoreMultimodal Project Revised

Annotated Bibliography Homelessness Revised

Rosemarie Oliveto Maria Cipriani April 14th Annotated Bibliography Homelessness In NYC QUESTION: Are hotels a solution to a permanent and growing problem for the homeless population? INTRODUCTION: It is no secret that hotels have See MoreAnnotated Bibliography Homelessness Revised

Discourse Community Paper Revised

Rosemarie Oliveto Unit 1: Letter Project English Composition Dear American Public, Have you ever thought about where your produce comes from? Or the process of harvesting your favorite fruits and vegetables? Recently, laws have been See MoreDiscourse Community Paper Revised