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English 1101
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Main projects of my English 1101 class.

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This project was created by: Ilanny Pujols

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Supernatural Belief

Supernatural Belief A belief consists of accepting an experience, an idea, or a theory, considering them accurate without the need for argumentative or empirical demonstrations. People based on beliefs and relating them to spirituality and humanity See MoreSupernatural Belief

Historical Novels

  Historical Novel A Historical novel, also known as historical fiction, is a literary genre with a narrative that takes place in the past. Typically, historical books are written at least 30-50 years after the historical event. Each detail of See MoreHistorical Novels

Interview with myself

Interview with myself Sitting on the backside of my father’s archaic car, a blue corolla 1985, a fresh breeze getting inside the window beat my childish face insistently. My dad challenged me one more time to read the street signboards on the way h See MoreInterview with myself