ENG 1101 English Composition I, section OL 0110

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10.19.22 transitionals further explained

    NOTE:  there is a pdf version of this posted in Files tha thas highlighting and color text.  It […]

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10/25 “transitionals in essays”

Okay, now we are ready to use the transitionals where they really count:  in essays.   Keep in mind that […]

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10/25 transitionals in essays

Some students have received their essays back graded and many have not.  Either way, I am asking you to read […]

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10/30/22 essay two: horror movie

Essay 2 choose one of the following two films, A or B Horror Movie Assignment A) Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining […]

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11/21 creating a practice Works Cited

When you were working on essay 2, I only asked for two quotes to give you a little practice with […]

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11/27/29 “Special quoting assignment” due Tuesday, Nov. 28

  Special quoting assignment  (suggested time: 75 minutes after you read these three pages) Starting an essay with an interesting […]

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12-20-22 last minute writing improvement activity!

Parallelism activity (35 minutes) finish now! If you “get” the concept, then reread any of your ungraded work and look […]

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12/12/22 essay three gender bias in readings (and film)

Gone Girl (2014) partial plot summary from Wikipedia: The day of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne returns home to […]

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8/25/22 Course syllabus

Division of Arts/Humanities Department of English Prof. Frank Masiello email: fmasiello@citytech.cuny.edu ENG 1101 Composition I Fall 2022                Online                 Tues/Thurs […]

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COMPOUND SENTENCES COMPLEX SENTENCES Review: So far you have been asked to write compound sentences, the ones with a comma […]

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