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Communication Design
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My name is Elijah Castra and I am 18 in college, on the path to attaining my degree in Communication Design. Design is a great way for not only me but many others to communicate ideas. Drawing has been a part of my life since i was maybe 3 years old. Even little “doodles” that i used to do then (and still do sometimes) help me to communicate my ideas and thoughts. These same thoughts or ideas can be expressed in any form of design and convey a message to a broader audience.

Everyone has dreams and goals that they wish to achieve at a point in their lives. And some are in the middle of achieving them right now. For me one of these goals i am determined to achieve is to use imagination, creativity and design and different forms of entertainment (whether that be video games , video making, social media, etc…) To help inspire others to live life to their hearts content and make their lives easier.

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