EL 012 R Level 1 Reading

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EL 012 R Level 1 Reading
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Course Code
EL 012
Semester / Year
Spring 2017
Course Description

In this Level 1 ESL Reading class, students will learn how to identify topics, main ideas, points of view and supporting details. They will study a variety of types and genres of writing. They will learn to evaluate writing organization so they can identify chronological order, spatial order, cause and effect, compare and contrast and other patterns of writing. They will be able to understand voice and writer’s purposes. Focus will be on distinguishing types of support for a thesis ie facts, examples, explanations etc.

Though this is a reading class, students will learn to develop topic sentences, outlines, summaries, and paraphrases. Students will discuss what is implied and what they may infer as opposed to what is directly stated. Over the 15 weeks, students will learn many new vocabulary words and will practice strategies for learning them. Students will have a library tour in order to get familiarized with finding study resources. The will also practice using internet search engines to locate additional articles on textbook based themes and topics.

Lastly, students will learn techniques for test-taking that will enable them to work more time-efficiently and at a higher academic level.


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