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Fall 2012
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Project-based Lab: Tt is impractical to expect the undergraduate level students to immediately undertake a complex team-oriented design project. Therefore, the course contains some preliminary projects to expose the students to the design process and encourage teamwork. These mini-projects also serve to introduce the students to the technical writing process and the requirements for oral design presentations. The laboratory section of the course is broken into two main parts:
(1) Mini-design project.
(2) Final design project
The main objectives of these preliminary projects are to build student’s confidence of any design process, including technical writing and presentations, and to encourage teamwork among the students. In this design phase the students perform three different mini-projects. In order to reinforce the use of the simulation and modeling tools, a fabrication-less, paper-only design is completed. Here the students use different theories, formulas, and mathematics to support their paper-only design. The students see the compatibility between mathematics and real world applications and see the utility of the design tools that have been introduced in lecture. Once the simulated and calculated results are examined, a prototype system is then fabricated. Exposing the students to the accepted practices of technical writing and presentation using relatively simple designs allows them to focus on the communication process. Furthermore, the course will allow the students to better document the relatively complex machines that they will develop later. After the preparatory training, the students begin work on the final project for the class. This project lasts six weeks and culminates in a competition between the student-built machines.


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