DEN 2318 Dental Materials – Fall 2023

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DEN 2318 Dental Materials – Fall 2023
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Dental Hygiene
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DEN 2318
Semester / Year
Fall 2023
Course Description

The study of sources, physical and chemical characteristics of materials used in dentistry. To acquaint the student with the chemical and physical properties of those dental materials and devices which are most commonly used in dental practice. Emphasis is placed on how such properties may affect the care and manipulation of those materials and devices. To understand the properties of materials as they relate to the proper use of or the care and maintenance of these materials, when providing dental hygiene care. The Dental Hygienist role in the recommended use of dental materials, as well as, the care and maintenance are stressed throughout the didactic and laboratory components of this course.
The laboratory exercises scheduled in this course complement the didactic lecture and offer the student clinical and laboratory experience in the manipulation and application of dental materials commonly used in operative, restorative, and preventative procedures.


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