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Hi, my name is Darcell Harris and I am a freshman at the New York College of Technology. I am from Brooklyn, New York and I am studying there for a degree in Graphic Design. I attended Acorn Community High School and took some classes there dealing with Graphic Design and it was there that I first took an interest in the Graphic Arts. One of my most memorable times in high school was when I took an class in Web Design. My Web Design teacher showed me lots of ways to use Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc and I was interested.
As an child I always use to watch my father draw up comics as an hobby and he would always show try to teach me how to draw. I never got into drawing but reading comics really interest me. Of all the Graphic Designers, Milton Glaser would be my favorite and has influenced me the most. I do not know who also enjoys comics as much as I do but, he was the guy who created the DC bullet logo and also the “I Love New York” logo. I hope to create some logos that would be remembered 30 years from now.

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