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Hospitality Management
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Greetings, my name is Dana Edmund. I am currently entering into my third semester at N.Y.C.C.T. I decided to major in the Hospitality Management industry because cooking has always been a passion of mines. As a child my father was considered the chef in my household and he always made sure I adapted his skills early by making sure he taught me whatever he can when he was in the kitchen. My family is from Trinidad, so a lot of my dishes are Caribbean infusion with a hint of a Latin touch. But at this point in time, I am realizing they’re so many options to explore as I pursue my studies in Hospitality. I feel like a kid in a big candy store with so much to choose from. That’s the best way to phase the feeling that I am going through but I do have an idea of what my interests are. The hotel management, travel and tourism industry, and I would love to open my own catering business one day. I knows as time goes on increasing my networking and socializing and enhancing my leadership skills will guide me on the destine career path.

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