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My academic experience has been in the film industry. Throughout all my 4 years at high school I was studying all aspects of a film set. Beginning freshmen year we got introduced the basic rules of camera and editing. Going into Junior year we got to learn more aspects like lighting, sound, designing a set, hair and makeup. After getting to work on each and one of the cohorts we got to pick what we liked the most and “major” until senior year. I got into the camera classes because it was something that would always catch my eyes. I got to learn more than just turning on the camera, pointing at something a taking a picture especially since everything was mostly hands-on. This was one of the best academic experience because of what I got out of it and all the projects I had completed throughout the years and how the improved. My academic goals are graduate college. Some of my career experience as a volunteer most of it would be helping out at church. For special masses I would help set up things that would be needed in the mass or the church in general. Or for Saturday classes I would be a teacher assistant and help out around the the school. Actual working would be doing assistant for my dad when he would go in the boat. I would have to pass certain ingredients, bring some things up to the main level such as plates full of food and beverages or clean up after the guests. In other words I would be a bus girl and food runner much more difficult because it would be in a boat. My career goal would be opening my own business if it a hotel, restaurant or a film company. It could be one or all three as long as I have a business for one of those I’m would be more than happy and thankful. Have a whole career in the hospitality field. My personal strengths are I’m always on time I grew up with my mom always bringing me 20 through 30 minutes earlier. Also adapting to the environment or anything that would later turn into a routine for me. It could be a different task I’m doing one week from another. Having a big mouth and constantly talking is always taken bad but I’ve learned that its not that bad. Ive become a good communicator I have the ability of saying what I have to say when its indicated or the right moment.

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