HMGT 1101 E-504 Concierge Marketing Assignment

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HMGT 1101 E-504 Concierge Marketing Assignment
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Project Description

Concierge Marketing Assignment/Brooklyn Bridge Park
20% of total grade
Due _________

Participate in a tour and conduct research on a selected sight on the Brooklyn Water Front and collect digital images (still or moving) of that location to be used in promotional videos encouraging tourists to visit the promoted destination.

Role and Audience
As the Concierge of a Brooklyn boutique hotel, you and your local business development office are looking to promote sights on the Brooklyn Water Front. In collaboration with the site, you are interested in preparing a 1½-2 minute video of the Brooklyn Water Front to be aired on the in-room TV’s and to be accessed on the hotel’s web site by clients of the hotel. The clients of the hotel tend to fall into three demographic segments:
• Note to faculty, feel free to change the demographic groups as long as 3 groups remain
• Families with teen aged children from the East and West Coast of the United States
• 26-35 year old affluent, single Europeans
• 26-35 year old affluent Brazilians as part of a 1 month tour group visiting various large cities around the United States

• Include accurate, factual information of the promoted Brooklyn Water Front site selected
• Include a short summary (~175-200 words) about the video and the location including two references from reliable sources
o APA standards must be followed
o Address the expected needs of the tourist
o Post the video to the course website, ensure to select the “Brooklyn Bridge Concierge Submissions” in the categories section

Criteria for Assessment:
See rubric

Student Learning Outcomes
At the completion of this assignment, students will be able to:
• Gather, interpret, evaluate and apply information about the hospitality and tourism industries discerningly from a variety of sources
• Derive meaning from experience
• Utilize critical and creative thinking methods and apply problem solving strategies
• Engage in high impact and industry specific written, electronic and oral communication


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