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Color and Design
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The Thumbnail Significance

The bird flies to the sky with benevolence and with its love of flight. The bird always flies through my window nonchalantly through the air with the wind gazing through its feathers.
I love the bird that flies everyday through our windows and it makes me jealous that these creatures has the ability to fly and we, humans, do not.

Every day, I would see the streets outside my window and gaze at the dark streets. The pitch blackness of the streets reminds me of the darkness that we go through on our everyday lives.
The darkness that lingers through our bodies wanting to burst out. Even though, our lives can be filled with darkness there is always a light in the darkness, and the whiteness perfectly demonstrates that.

In the thumbnail, I see two people, outside of the restaurants, one eating and one texting. The thumbnail represents the avoidance of the events outside our world. They never know what might happen in the next ten seconds or so.
The two people mind their own business, and not paying attention to one another. The worst case scenario is that the two people might never see the events coming.

The night is always beautiful in the city outside my window. The night filled with darkness and represents the calmness and the calm just before the storm.
The night is always one of my favorite times to spend looking at the bright lights illuminating the dark. It also reminds me of that there is always light in the darkness.

The person walking represents the innocence that may or may not be active in that person. Every day, I wonder of the person’s secrets whether if they are really innocent or not.
The thumbnail represents the secrets that man keeps to himself that is or is not good to his surroundings. Secrets can be either good or bad.

The tree outside our window is very beautiful in the spring and in winter. The blackness represents the lively flowers and leafs that springs outdoors to the sun and dances in the wind.
The white represents the roots that show through the winter slumbering through the season. The winter is not as bad as people say, it is just that nature slumbers for a new spring to come.

The light signal is always outside my window changing lights to signal the cars to stop or go. As a child, I was amazed on how the technology changes color and red was my favorite color. I would always see red and know that red means fire.
The light signal is a great significance of my life that the stores near my apartment never go anywhere and some are changing. In the future, the stores continuously changes and light signal got a second meaning.

Outside the fire escape, birds would always chill on top of the bars looking the streets below. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we have the ability to fly and chill on rooftops. The whiteness represents the objects the bird looks through the streets.
I love the idea that the bird loves the sight of the city and is just as curious as to be one of the humans and wonder what we are doing. The bird represents curiosity on humanity and wonders what the objects it is looking at are.

There is a building that is bigger that my apartment building that almost reaches to the sky. The clouds that hovers by the building. It made me jealous because I want to see the city far through the horizon.
The building in front of the window represents a castle and I am in my fantasy moments where someday I would live in an apartment that reaches the clouds and see the city below. The whiteness represents the impenetrable fortress that sees all and loves all the sights.

The box that is in between the two buildings represents the boring life that the object is going through, and reminds us of how life is precious. We need to cherish what we have and not abuse our opportunities to explore new surroundings.
Life is only a one time opportunity and it can never be return to you. Life is full of wonders and there are still more to life to discover.

The thumbnail represents not by my apartment window but of Nam 1120’s window and its wondrous view of the city of Brooklyn. I was amazed by the buildings outside of the horizons and how small it look from the distant.
I love the view of Brooklyn and the blackness represents the traffic of people and cars that people go through. The light represents the cities has happiness and people working through their ever day lives.

The bird represents humanity on how free and lucky we are to live in life we love to do in everyday life. The bird also represents our mind that keeps us calm and at bay, and is our best friends. However, it can be a powerful enemy.
The bar on the apartment window represents the captivity of our everyday lives. Where ever we go, there is always a barrier that prevents us from succeeding whenever there is projects due or some other event. The dark side of your mind berates and criticizes you on how bad things are going to happen.


This project was created by: Ac101