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Chelsea Jones’s ePortfolio
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Communication Design
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Hi everyone I’m Chelsea, and my design goal is to make designs that are good visually, give a direct message to many people and can be used in multi-ways. The reason why I’m taking this design class is because I believe that it will help me reach my goals, and learn what I need to know to have an successful career. The type of art work that inspires me is pieces created by “Shepard Fairey” and Maria Gronlund.

I am also inspired by different animated films such as Studio Ghibli,Disney and Dreamworks. My preferred design process is using the computer on programs such as photoshop, and I also enjoy drawing on a plain piece of paper with a pencil. The types of projects that I attend to create with in my design class is things like animation,posters,websites or anything that gives a direct form of communication.

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