Automobile Toddler Alerting System

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Automobile Toddler Alerting System
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This circuitry product for automobiles specifically designed for parents and for the protection of toddlers in mind, devolved from a tragic story aired on October 1, 2008 on the Oprah’s television talk show titled “An Overwhelmed Mothers Deadly Mistake”. It was about a mother by the name Brenda Slaby, who, out of her busy day, went outside of her car to run some errands and go to work afterwards, forgot and left her toddler in a car seat in the back of the car for eight hours which ended up in fatality due to high temperatures. This is the inspiration behind our project, trying to use technology to solve society’s problems. The system will test if there is a toddler present in the baby car seat automatically and if so, it will alert the driver of high temperatures in the car and also automatically turns on the car’s AC. In the absence of an adult, it will activate the car’s emergency lights and a blaring speaker will try to draw the attention of the parent or an adult in the vicinity of the car.


This project was created by: matseb

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