ARCH.4831 Design to Build

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ARCH.4831 Design to Build
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Architectural Technology
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Spring 2015
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ARCH.4831 Design to Build


This course was created by: Prof. Paul King

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Day.01 Design to Build Introduction See MoreDB PDF

Due on Monday Reminder

Please remember that it is critical that you meat deadlines.  Please post as requested. See everyone in class. See MoreDue on Monday Reminder

For Monday

Practice Project Model Built and 1 in Pieces - laser cut in chipboard Post project on […] See MoreFor Monday

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Video on cutting cement board panels. We have been dealing with wood BUT this video is pretty […] See MoreComment on "Tutorials & Videos"

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here is a video on how to use a drill safely "drill […] See MoreComment on "Tutorials & Videos"

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Here is some video links: How to use the Router with an adjustable shop-made JIG that provides […] See MoreComment on "Tutorials & Videos"

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