Andrey Shamalov’s ePortfolio


Life is a precious gift given to us by our parents. How we use it, depends on us, on what we decide for ourselves. Will life be an empty existence without a purpose, leading to a dead end, or will there be a goal in life, resulting in satisfaction and anticipatory excitement?

Medicine is one of the most direct and powerful ways of helping people and being able to witness the results.  Nurses can see the happiness that they bring to the hearts of others and this brings them their own fulfillment.

Maybe it is in the genes, or maybe it is the environment since my interest in medicine comes in part from my family background. My mom is a physical therapist, my older brother is a physician and my older sister just got her master’s degree in nursing. Therefore, I have had significant exposure to their medicine fields. When I completed my senior year in high school, I had already decided upon my career- the practice of medicine.

As a child in my native country of Uzbekistan, I heard informative talks on diseases, their symptoms and methods of treatments. What amazed me then about medicine was that the doctor could use his knowledge to help people become healthy, overcome their diseases and save their lives with just one prescription.  When I took science courses in high school, biology was my favorite one.  It was fascinating to learn about the anatomy of our body and the function of the organs.

Aside from the above, I am a very caring person who likes to help and advise people in any way that I can. That is another major reason why I decided to become a nurse. Finally, it takes compassion to help people who turn to you each day for critical answers.  I have been recognized as an acute observer and listener. My knowledge of medicines has given me strong analytical, investigative, and problem solving skills as well as taught me critical lessons in time management.

Spending my life trying to help saving lives and making people happier, will make it possible for me to achieve purpose and spiritual satisfaction.  I would like the opportunity to be able to live not only for myself, but also for the lives of others. By helping people stay healthy, and healing those who are ill, I will accomplish my life-long goal of helping others maintain the precious gift of life.