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Andrea Carames’s ePortfolio
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Hospitality Management
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My name is Andrea M. Carames. I obtained my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, from Kingsborough Community College in 2010. From there I knew I wanted to continue my education and the idea of being able to work as a travel agent or in different hotels around the world or even as a chef in a restaurant intrigued me. I am currently attending New York City College of Technology, and am enrolled in their Hospitality Management program. I hope to start my professional career working on a cruise ship, and from their settle down in a hotel in a major city.
I am a very caring and giving person, and the idea of being able to help people and make their day a little better with proper services in a hotel that they are staying at, or a restaurant that they have reservations to, is very gratifying. I know that I like to make people happy. I will be good at my job because when you are happy with your career choice, it fulfills you.

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