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Restorative Dentistry
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Hey there, my name is Ammar…and yes thats with an A. I’ve been in City Tech for 3 semesters so far and this is my first semester in the restorative dentistry field, so far i’m really enjoying this major for so many reasons, professors are very motivational and always help me thrive to be the best i can be and not to mention they always know how to keep the class interesting. At first i wasn’t sure if i was going to find this major “very” interesting, but once i stepped foot in it,it’s amazing and filled with plenty of things that i want to keep learning and excel at hopefully one day in my career. My main goal is to have a home lab, but of course thats going to require plenty of hard work and dedication i know once i build the right experience and knowledge, than i will feel confident in having and maintaining my own home lab. One thing for sure is I’m ambitious, and as long as i have this mind set for the next couple of years i know i will succeed and hopefully become a great technician.

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