African American the Opposition Court Case by Avis J. Smith

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African American the Opposition Court Case by Avis J. Smith
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This is a book published by Xlibris Publisher, in 2015. The book focusses on a court case filed in the District Court of Washington, DC against Rev. Jesse Jackson and Ramona Edlin, by Avis J. Smith in response to a meeting titled the African American Summit, held in 1989. At this meeting five prominent, blacks Rev. Jackson, Dr. Edlin, Maynard Jackson, Davis Dinkins and William Gray determined that black people should be known as African American. During this time greater than 75% of black people were opposed to this term. Professor Smith felt for five people to make a determination on identity of millions when greater than 75% were opposed it violates their rights. The first edition of the book was not to the total satisfaction of Professor Smith, so a second edition to being worked on that explains the life experiences of Professor Smith, and his continued refusal to be identified as African American. The second edition will include pictures taken by Smith, aka, Maulana Alameen Muhammad, of meeting with Fred Shuttlesworth, Coretta Scott King, Yolanda King, Percy Sutton, Gil Nobel, Rev. C.H. Oliver and Dr. Kings sister Christine.

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