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Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology
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Hello/Greetings Everyone My Name is Adrian Steven Villa (Av) i was born & raised in the Bronx, NY, my nationally is Brazilian & Puerto Rican. I’m currently majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology. I’m also part of the electronics club (IEEE) so if you’re interested let me know & part of the student government association program here at City Tech. I love to learn and experience new activities. Teamwork is always the goal for me. My Career Dreams is to be a full-time electrician in the metro transportation authority (MTA). I always love doing hands on work especially electricity work it’s always been fun for me to always learn something new.

Fun Activities I love to do is travel anywhere because I love being active, long walks, & biking. I’m also a big soccer fan I usually attend the New York city football games at Yankee stadium. I’m a big Real Madrid fan and hopefully I can visit Spain one day and watch one of their games. I’m also a person who loves to meet new people from different culture background, I love to try new food and experience what people’s cultures are like.

My Strengths is guiding everyone towards success and leadership, teamwork, and great communication.

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