BFA Show Submission FAQs

Who is eligible to submit work?

  • ALL Students!
  • Foundation, AAS, and BFA students are all encouraged to apply.

What kind of work can be submitted?

  • ALL work!
  • And not just classwork. If your best work was created outside of the classroom, submit it.
  • You may submit multiple projects from current and past semesters.
  • You may submit professional work, but only if approved by your client or employer.

When is the BFA Show held?

  • Every Spring semester!
  • Save and/or document your best work from each semester and submit to the Student Show each Spring.

Why should I submit my work?

  • You could win awards and prizes!
  • It’s a chance for faculty, students, and other professional designers to see your work.
  • It’s good preparation for professional practice.

How do I submit my work?

  • Use the online submission form on this site!
  • Students are responsible for submitting their own work, but your professors and other faculty are happy to help you if you have questions.

What if I have more than one project to submit?

  • You may submit multiple projects, but submit them separately!
  • Make sure to refresh the online submission form before submitting another project.

How do I document and prepare my work for submission?

  • Attend one of the upcoming workshops.
  • Talk to your professors during office hours about documenting your work and preparing it for submission.
  • Download and follow the Technical Specifications sheet!

Who will judge the work?

  • The student work will be judged by a panel comprised of two COMD professors and one outside professional.

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