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This class was more of a struggle then anything as my classmates and my professor had to drag me through it in order for me to finish. This was due to me not being able to figure out the exact order of what was needed in order to finish the line of code. Although it was difficult to finish I was able to with the help of Prof. Constantine and my classmates. By writing these lines of code our goal was to create a red background with what seems to be a snow flake made up of random lines we had to add to the code making up the  middle of it. It was still a good class.


This lab consisted of us using a tutorial for the program python to learn basic coding to perform actions we would need later on within the class. It was a very useful tool that allowed me to have a better understanding of what we would have to be messing with during this entire class although I can see how basic I really am at this moment and still have allot to learn about this craft.



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