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LAW4900 Senior Legal Seminar, FA2014

LAW4900 Senior Legal Seminar, FA2014

Prof. Espinoza
Law and Paraleg...|LAW4900|Fall 2014

The course is available to students in the last semester of their baccalaureate coursework. It requires students to utilize all of the substantive legal knowledge and practical legal research skills they have […]



Gulgun Bayaz
Social Science|ECON 2403|Spring 2015

Economic and social problems relating to the labor management field. Development and functions of labor and employer organizations, regulatory law and protective labor legislation, collective bargaining and […]

CMCE 1155 Computer Applications in Engineering Technology, Spring 2015

Nicole Anderson
Construction Ma...|CMCE 1155|Spring 2015

This course provides students with a working knowledge of computers based tools in the fields of Construction and Civil Engineering. Students learn to manage construction projects, prepare estimates, proposals, […]

ARCH4710UrbanDesign, SPRING 2014

J A Montgomery
Architectural T...|4710|Spring 2014

This design course will cover a range of urban and architectural design issues. Students will explore both the theoretical and pragmatic aspects of design applied in an urban environment. As an advanced design […]

Intermediate Computation and Fabrication

Charlie Able
Architectural T...|ARCH 3690 |Spring 2013

This course, the second in the digital fabrication certificate sequence (following ARCH3590), focuses on the development of parametric tools and digital prototyping techniques. Beginning from the study of […]

Being in Brooklyn

Jody R. Rosen
English|ENG 1101|Fall 2013

Prof. Justin Davis, SPE 1330 Prof. Jody Rosen, ENG 1101 Brooklyn is a collection of neighborhoods and location, a microcosm of the world. This semester our Being in Brooklyn Learning Community will explore […]

ENG 1101-D351 F14 (Red)

ENG 1101-D351 F14 (Red)

Alan Lovegreen
English|1101|Fall 2014

•Throughout the semester, we will write a series of essays in a variety of genres. Each essay will be designed to provide information to fellow City Tech students about the City Tech campus and surrounding n […]

ENG 1101: People of Brooklyn (Section D383)

ENG 1101: People of Brooklyn (Section D383)

Christopher Shannon
English|1101|Fall 2014

This is the course site for both Prof. Chris Shannon’s ENG 1101 courses in Fall 2014–sections D383 and D391. With the tacit subtitle of ”People of Brooklyn,” in this course we will explore the work and lives of […]

Composition II-ENG 1121-5441: Reading, Revision, Rhetoric

Professor Sean Scanlan
English|ENG 1121|Spring 2013

English 1121 continues the work we began in English 1101. We will work on developing critical reading and writing skills as we write about works of literature. We will discuss four literary genres: non-fiction […]

ADV#1292 Section#D173 Three-Dimensional Design

ADV#1292 Section#D173 Three-Dimensional Design

Professor Taradash
Communication D...

Principles of three-dimensional design. Course covers an analysis of form and space. Topics include: hollow forms both geometric and organic; architectonic organization of space; light and shadow; geometric […]

ADV1162 Raster & Vector Graphics, SP2014

ADV1162 Raster & Vector Graphics, SP2014

Eli Neugeboren
Communication D...|ADV1162|Spring 2014

(From the course catalog.) In this course, students will learn concepts and applied theories of digital media and the two fundamental graphic forms: raster and vector digital images and will define and describe […]

MECH1222 Eng. Drawing II, Tues10am, F2014

MECH1222 Eng. Drawing II, Tues10am, F2014

Masato R. Nakamura, Eng.Sc.D.
Mechanical Engi...|MECH 1222|Fall 2014

Course Website: Course Profile (this page): […]