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Calculus I 1578

Calculus I 1578

Dr. Terence Kivran-Swaine
Mathematics|MAT1475|Spring 2012

Calculus I: Single variable calculus.

ENG 1101/0705: English Composition I

Aaron Barlow
English|ENG 1101|Spring 2012

A First-Year Composition course designed specifically for students in the early-college high-school program connection City Poly and City Tech.

Graphic Arts Managemnt Office Systems GRA 1150- 7324

Communication D...|GRA 1150|Fall 2011

The class is called Graphic Arts Management Office Systems- Microsoft Office


Miguel A. Bustamante PhD
CET4864|Spring 2012

Feedback Control Systems

Nut8095 Fall 2011

Laina Karthikeyan
Biological Scie...|BIO3524|Fall 2011

The nutrient constituent of foods, their metabolism and role in the body with emphasis on specific health problems especially those involving nutritional deficiencies Helps the student develop an understanding of […]

ENG 3402 Gothic Literature

Professor Sean Scanlan
English|ENG3402|Fall 2011

British and American Gothic Literature and Culture

Intro to 3d video mapping

Damon Loren Baker
Entertainment T...|IS9010|Spring 2012

An independent study in realtime 3d video mapping.

ARCH 3609 4184 FA11

Architectural T...|ARCH 3609|Fall 2011

Softwares in the Architectural Office

COMP 1 ENGLISH 1101-5384

Professor Sean Scanlan
English|ENG1101|Fall 2011

Composition 1: Reading and Writing About New York City

Object Oriented Programming in Java

Object Oriented Programming in Java

Dr Sabbah
Computer System...|3513|Spring 2012

Designing and Utilizing Objects and Classes; UML class diagrams; Inheritance and Polymorphism/Dynamic Binding; Overloading vs Overriding; Exceptions; Interfaces and Abstract Classes; Gui (Components, […]


Nursing|NUR 1030|Fall 2011

NUR 1030

Techniques of Electrical Technology

Electrical and...|EET 1102

An introduction to the use of computers for analysis of electrical and electronic circuits by using state of- the-art software computer simulation of circuits.