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Perspectives of Hospitality Management, HMGT 1101

Prof. Karen Goodlad
Hospitality Man...|HMGT1101|Fall 2011

Course Description An overview of the history, likely direction and organizational structure of the hospitality industry and its role in the local, national and international economy. Examination of the nature […]

ITEC2000, SPR2014

ITEC2000, SPR2014

Computer System...|Spring 2014

Testing the course and Portfolio lists.

NUR 4130 Fall 2013

McGibbon Open Lab
Nursing|OL47 HD49|Fall 2013

Group logo of NUR4130 Request Membership NUR4130 Subscribe To NUR4130’s Feeds Private Group active 6 months, 1 week ago Faculty: Fran McGibbon NUR4130 | Nursing | Fall 2013 A variety of professional, […]

English2200 American Lit, Fall2013-Scanlan

Professor Sean Scanlan
English|ENG2200|Fall 2013

This course examines a wide range of literature from the colonial era up to the American Civil War. Primarily, we will read poems, short stories, memoirs, journals, and diaries. But we will also read historical […]



Lina Romasanta
Hospitality Man...|HMGT1101|Fall 2013

Introductory Class

Dining Room Operations

Adrian Murcia
Hospitality Man...|HMGT2305|Fall 2013

HMGT 2305

ARCH2330 Bldg Tech III, Fall 2013

ARCH2330 Bldg Tech III, Fall 2013

Ting Chin
Architectural T...|82392|Fall 2013

This course studies the development of building systems as they occur during the design development phase of architecture. Using case study research methods, students analyze factors, such as building assemblies […]

EMT1111 Logic and Problem Solving

Dr. Benito Mendoza
Computer Engine...|EMT1111|Fall 2013

This course introduces the foundations of problem-solving and computer programming as it is applied to computer engineering technology. It provides a basic understanding of programming techniques, logic, and […]

HUS1207 Human Service Seminar, FA2013

HUS1207 Human Service Seminar, FA2013

M. Momplaisir-Ellis
Human Services|1207|Fall 2013

Pre-internship seminar


Nursing|NUR|Fall 2012

National Student Nurses Association for scholarship and service learning for all student nurses

English 1101 – Making Better Writing

English 1101 – Making Better Writing

Patrick Corbett
English|ENG1101|Fall 2013

English 1101 – Composition I (a.k.a. Making Better Writing) uses a variety of texts written by scholars, intellectuals, students, bloggers, as well as our own class discussions to prepare you for frequent and e […]



Anna Matthews
Dental Hygiene|DEN 2315|Summer 2013

Study of the pharmacological action of drugs on the functions of human body and therapeutics of drugs commonly employed in dental practice