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Journal Club Series

Sitaji Gurung

Bringing Scientists, Faculty Members and Undergraduate Students Together to a Lively Discussion on Current Research Topics.

Bangladesh Students Association (BSA)

Mostakim Shahed

The Bangladesh Students Association (BSA) at New York City College of Technology is a student-run organization that aims to promote Bangladeshi culture and heritage on campus. We provide a space for Bangladeshi […]

IEEE Club @ CityTech

IEEE Club @ CityTech

We welcome the CityTech community to learn and grow in the areas of electrical and telecommunications technology. Every semester we provide a series of seminars with speakers that present the latest research. In […]

Computer Systems Technology Colloquium

The Computer Systems Technology (CST) Colloquium is dedicated to providing the students, staff, and faculty of New York City College of Technology, the City University of New York, and the greater public with […]

SIAM Student chapter

The NYCCT student chapter of SIAM is a chapter of the international SIAM organization.

Energy and Environmental Simulation Laboratory (EES Lab)

Research Lab Website: Lab Profile (this site): Energy and Environmental Simulation […]

Sustainable Technology Association


To analyze, design, and manage ways to improve the environmental and ecological conditions in the world around us.

Theatreworks City Tech

Theatreworks, the resident theatre company at New York City College of Technology, is composed of students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members. Founded in 1974, Theatreworks has been recognized in the […]


BTECH IV Revit workflow tips

Industrial Design Club

Industrial Design Club

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design Technology

-SET- Scaffolds for Engineered Tissues

Tissue Engineering Design and Fabrication of Tissue Constructs Biofabrication Biomechanics Soft lithography Techniques for Micropatterning

City Tech Maker’s ClubToggle navigation

This club will provide the required tenancy space, in order to idealize, create by design, specification, manufacture, procure and build projects with a sufficient amount of resources including tools, materials, […]