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Visual Quote Sketches Computerized Digital Media Foundations Cristofer Rodriguez

First Visual Quote Final

First and foremost, let me mention that the quote I choose is from the film The Terminator, and the actor who says the lines is known as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s a movie legend and one of my favorite stars of all time. I picked this quote for my Visual Quote design because the “I’ll be back” quote is one of my favorites. I created this drawing in Illustrator and had a great time doing it. I used Berlin Sans FB Demi Bold in 72 pt for this concept, and here is my Visual Quote Sketch.

First Visual Quote Sketch
Second Visual Quote Final

Moving on to my second Visual quote, the design I choose for this one is a gravestone since Arnold Schwarzenegger would return from the dead, even though it takes years. I really like how the style came out, and how the light brown and gray color scheme made it stand out even more. The typeface I used for this illustration was Engravers MT standard in 60 pt. The Sketch really inspired me to create a better illustration in Illustrator. My concept sketch is included below.

Second Visual Quote Sketch
Third Visual Quote Final

Finally, my final Visual Quote depicts a swarm of robots charging toward the human they were assigned to kill. This is my favorite design out of the three I’ve created for this project since creating the robots was so much fun, and I truly enjoyed myself doing this design. The typeface I used for this illustration is 3 theHard way RMXfenotype fenotype, with a weight of 60 points. On my drawing, I made the robot a bit too cheerful, which wasn’t what I was going for. Instead, I tried to make the robots look mean with a mean face, and I added the danger inside the robot to let anyone who sees this design realize that these robots aren’t good robots. Below you can view my sketch for this design.

Third Visual Quote Sketch


Cole Rise – Research Paper

Coursework Field Trips


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